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to the artists, makers, and lovers designing a world created for you and me.


Flor y Fuego Designers is a bespoke apparel designer and artist collaborative.


We design for playfulness, joy, and delight to take root.

We curate fashion consciously and with care, rooted in sustainability, wholeness, and collective access.


We source materials and invest directly into craftspeople and communities of practice that personally steward textile and material creation.


We are committed to economic liberation for our partners, our team, and our clients.

We grow our practice through ongoing collaborations with artists, performers, entertainers, and community members to bring you a transformative and exquisite shopping experience.

Product Spotlight


This harness set is defined by timelessness, fluidity, versatility, and functionality.


What makes the Río Harnesses exquisite is their capacity to shapeshift with your body. The human body is expansive, and we are positioning our designs to reflect change, diversity, and expression.

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