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Our Vision

Seedlings that found roots to blossom.

We desire pleasure; we seek to express and engage with our bodies through the crafts we love.


Flor y Fuego to the bloom to a bespoke fashion brand focused on haute couture designs built on sustainability, collective liberation, and the recognition of wholeness.


Read more below on the roots for our vision of playfulness, access to self-expression, and all-around juiciness in fashion.

A Note From the Founder

As kids, my sibling and I designed and implemented our own survival to thriving pipeline, made up by radical imagination, play, and homemade costumes: our first apparel designs were made out of recycled newspaper and toilet paper!


Over the years, I have developed my own routines and strategies for the various ways I have to show up in the world. Their success has been fueled by the collective care and mattering that my community has imbued into the fabric of my being. I know now that there are certain textiles, products, and scents that do not align with how I want to express myself or are entirely rejected by my skin. I am also tired of the unfriendliness and rejection that underscores the shopping experience for luxury apparel. I firmly believe that we have the power to teach each other to evoke and create delight, pleasure, and sensitivity and I set out to create a business model that undermines prevalent and systemic practices of dissociation from Self, exclusion, and disembodiment.

Our relationships and the narratives that we weave and affirm throughout our lives enable us to access deeper levels of self-expression and liberation. Flor y Fuego is the convening of individuals committed to stewarding a space where luxury fashion recognizes, practices, and invites supportive, caring and empowering relationships between textile producers, craftspeople, designers, and the consumer.

Years later, after practicing on many recycled newspaper prints, I welcome you to this home built by you, by me, for each unique and divine body that makes the brave step towards self integration and expression.

Thank you for being here: we are because you are.

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