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The Río Chest Harness is your gender-neutral leather luxury fashion dream come true. Shown here are two different ways of wearing the chest harness: belts lowered around the waist, and belts framing shoulders.


Designed con cariño and handcrafted by multi-generation leather artisans from Chiapas, MX using 100% Mexican leather.


Your order will include care instructions and a satin pouch to safely store your harnesses. See info sections for sizing and care details.


Questions about styling? Schedule a time to talk with us.

Río Chest Harness

  • The Río Harnesses were designed to honor the universal experience of the human body's change over time, and as such, a size category you choose will embrace you as you change.


    We refer to "size" as the embrace of a piece. For pieces that are not uniquely tailored to an individual, we have denoted the embrace categories in the following ways:


    • 1 - seedling (xxs, xs, s, m)

    • 2 - root (m, lg)

    • 3 - blossom (lg, xl, xxl)


    We include this to guide you through making the embrace choice that most aligns with what you know is comfortable for your particular body.

  • The Río Harnesses are made of untreated leather, and as such we strongly recommend that you follow included care instructions carefully. Some guidelines to keep in mind about leather:

    • Protect against excessive sunlight, dryness, and heat.

      • Sunlight will fade and dry out leather.

      • Dryness will cause leather to crack.

      • Heat will dry out leather and cause further damage.

    Your Río Harness purchase will include detailed wash and care instructions, in addition to a satin pouch for safe storage.

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